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Comprehensive Drug Testing For Electrical Linemen and Power Line Technicians

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 25, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Power line technicians and others dealing with electricity line installation and repairs have challenging and often dangerous jobs that can also endanger those around them. They work on high voltage electrical lines at great heights on a daily basis. If they lose focus, they can be susceptible to falls, electrocution, and other related injuries.

In relation to this, comprehensive drug testing is highly recommended for employees in this industry. Linemen and technicians must apply their full focus and prudence while performing inspections, installation, and repairs on poles, transformers, wiring, and other related tasks where high voltage currents are present. This is to protect line employees and those working with them.

All kinds of injuries can take place in this risky job. Accidents are commonly attributed to human error. Thus, its imperative to make sure worker performance is not impaired by illegal drugs. Pre-employment screening and annual employee drug testing as a requirement to employment can play a major role in ensuring the safety of everyone in this field.

Contact CLS Diagnostics to find out more about drug testing for electrical linemen and power line technicians.

Comprehensive Drug Testing is Highly Recommended for Businesses with Hazardous or Dangerous Job Sites

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 11, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Highly hazardous workplaces such as manufacturing lines, construction sites, and chemical laboratories require the full focus and mental alertness of all employees. Incidents in these environments can be costly and catastrophic, liability insurance is high. Additionally, accidents in these types of work environments are often due to human error. For these reasons, employers should hold employees responsible for comprehensive drug testing as a requirement of the job.

A healthy and safe working environment means fewer incidents and theft as well as lower insurance costs. Drug testing helps employers accurately determine if workers are using drugs on the job. It also helps keep liability insurance costs lower. From this perspective, employers with hazardous or dangerous workplaces should implement a regular employee drug testing program. This will inevitably provide a safer work environment.

Occupational safety and health must be the top priority of any business. Drug testing in Franklin, MA can help companies in their quest for a safer working environment. Contact CLS Diagnostics to find out more about the benefits of regular and comprehensive drug testing programs.

Comprehensive Drug Testing For Aviation Employees

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 27, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Flying requires more than knowledge and skills. It also demands that pilots are mentally alert and focused at all times. This is a risky job and the life of both passengers and crew are highly dependent on the pilot's capacity and ability to react. Therefore, comprehensive drug testing is vital across the entire aviation industry.

US civil aviation strictly prohibits aviation teams, including aircraft crew, air traffic controller and aviation maintenance engineers to be under the influence of drugs and alcoholic substances while on duty. The use of drugs and alcohol at work can impair the performance of the entire crew. Thus, it is highly recommended that commercial and private airline operators implement a drug testing policy for all employees. This is vital to ensure that aviation professionals can perform their duties safely, especially during critical situations.

Pre-employment screening should also be performed in the screening process as a requirement to employment as pilot and crew. It is important to determine beforehand the candidate will have the capacity to carry out their job, particularly when issues arise during flight. To find out more about drug testing in the aviation industry, contact CLS Diagnostics.

Importance of Drug Testing Programs in the Construction Industry

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 13, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Safety on the job site is the primary concern in the construction industry. In order to keep the job site safe, worker performance and behavior must constantly be monitored. Workers who use drugs on the job are putting themselves and the other workers at risk. Construction firm owners should regularly conduct comprehensive drug testing to mitigate accidents at construction sites.

Human error is often the cause of job site accidents. This is often due to negligence or distracted behavior of workers. When an employee is under the influence of illegal substances, they are mentally unstable and are more likely to lose focus and care in execution of tasks. The possibility of human error increases.Drug testing programs in Franklin, MA can help identify workers who are using drugs on-the-job. When identified, these workers may immediately be removed from work. This increases productivity, morale and safety.

Drug tests are now being performed in more diverse industries, especially at hazardous job sites. When construction accidents happen, operations are delayed and liability can ensue. Extraneous costs and financial setbacks can all be avoided by drug testing at work. Contact CLS Diagnostics for reliable and accurate drug testing.

Comprehensive Drug Testing for Manufacturing Line Workers

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 22, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Working on manufacturing lines can be risky business, workers need to stay focused, clear-headed, and they often need to be able to react coolly under pressure. Serious occupational injuries can often occur when working with heavy machinery, power equipment, chemicals and other dangerous machines in operation. One way to decrease both incidents and liability is by conducting comprehensive drug tests on employees who work in industrial settings.

Pre-employment drug screening helps employers screen new applicants and reduce the chances of hiring those that use illegal drugs. With current employees, drug testing programs can help reduce the use of drugs on-the-job. Additionally, having these policies in-place can help reduce the risk of liability and reduce insurance costs. When employers take these measures they improve the safety of the work environment, reduce worker's incident claims, and improve productivity and quality output.

Drug testing programs can help eliminate drug and alcohol related accidents. For more information on drug testing, contact CLS Diagnostics to help you implement drug testing program to your industry.

Comprehensive Drug Testing is Highly Mandated in Many Businesses

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 08, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

The use of illegal drugs has affected numerous industries and resulted in critical setbacks and liability for many companies. Aside from productivity loss, increasing cases of injuries can lead to increased legal liability. Despite the fact that drug testing is an optional requirement for many businesses, there are several industries that mandates it. This initiative is inline with the compliance to federal regulations, safety concerns, and work ethics. Here are some of the industries that require comprehensive drug testing:

  • Transportation - CDL drivers are drug tested under the Department of Transportation regulations. Especially those in aviation, mass transit, trucking and other related industries.
  • Construction - A construction site is one of the most hazardous workplaces. It make sense to conduct drug testing on employees and contractors in order to avoid on-site accidents due to negligence and distracted behavior while operating dangerous machinery.
  • Sports - This is often mandatory with athletes to establish fairness in competition.

Pre-employment screening and annual drug testing are compulsory for the these industries. It is also highly recommended for companies that deal with hazardous equipment and that handle toxic solutions and substances or heavy machinery such as factories, manufacturing lines, and laboratories. If you manage a business in the above-mentioned industries and would like to estabilish a drug testing program for employees or candidates, contact CLS Diagnostics. We can assist you with your drug testing needs.

Drug Test Programs Ensure the Safety of Factory Workers Operating Hazardous Machinery

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 24, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Factory workers often operate large, dangerous machinery and heavy equipment. Although, modern machinery today has safety fail-safes, this equipment can still be highly hazardous and requires an employee's focus and concentration while operating. For this reason, it makes sense for employers to conduct comprehensive drug tests to ensure employees are in the right mental state to avoid accidents on the job.

Workplace injuries related to machinery accidents are often attributed to human error. Even though most machinery has safeguarding devices to protect the operator there are still safety precautions that the worker must take to avoid dangerous situations. Workers under the influence of drugs are more prone to accidents because of lack of focus, distracted behavior, and uncoordinated movements. This can make them susceptible to machinery hazards to themselves or to co-workers. Onsite accidents can affect company productivity as well as increase the legally liable. Worker's compensation claims and/or legal actions can cost quite a bit of money.

Prior to hiring new employees for work in an industrial setting it is recommended that factory owners and managers have potential employees scheduled for pre-employment drug screening. This is a great deterant to on the job drug and alcohol use . Annual drug test programs should also be a pre-requisite for all employees in order to ensure that illegal drugs and other addictive substances stay out of the workplace.

Contact CLS Diagnostics to find out more about the benefits of at-work drug test programs.

Comprehensive Drug Tests Can Now Detect Marijuana Use

Joseph Coupal - Monday, July 16, 2018
CLS Diagnostics - Comprehensive Drug Tests Can Now Detect Marijuana Use

Cannabis, commonly known as Marijuana, is the most abused substance today. The use and possession is illegal under federal law in many parts of the United States, however, some states have made it legal. However, despite it becoming legal in some states, worker's are still not allowed to use it or be under the influence of marijuana at work. The alarming cases of illegal drug use at work has prompted many companies to establish their own drug testing policies. In fact, more and more companies in Massachusetts are witnessing the untoward effects of this particular substance on the performance of employees at work.

Just recently a screening test became available to trace marijuana in the urine. Positive marijuana users contain quantities of 9-carboxy-THC (the active component) in their urine. This can be detected by the test which includes other cannabinoids. Drug testing programs in Franklin, MA include the detection of this substance through comprehensive drug testing procedures for a moderate cost.

Marijuana and other forms of drugs can put a company at risk. Not only does drug use at work threaten the safety of other employees, it can also affect the productivity of the entire company. Conducting regularcomprehensive drug testing keeps businesses productive and reduces liability and workers comp claims. For information regarding certified toxicologists to properly perform workplace drug testing, contact CLS Diagnostics.

Accurate Pre-Employment Dug Screening Results

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 20, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Pre-employment Drug Screening is one of the means of filtering out potential employees and to determine if they are mentally fit for the job. New applicants must pass the pre-employment requirements for the company. Thus, accurate results in drug testing are imperative in the pre-employment screening process.

In order to ascertain the accuracy of a drug test program, companies must hire a professional and reputable toxicologist to conduct the testing. For accurate testing and results it is imperative that applicants have the proper guidance in filling out the test form to properly list all recent medications which can yield an erroneous test outcome. Additionally to further eliminate the potential for a false negative, the potential employee must be properly interviewed by a medical drug specialist. A second round of drug screening may also be performed at a later date, as well.

Comprehensive Drug Tests during the hiring process helps companies avoid employing those that are using illegal drugs. It is easier and more cost effective to pass on a potential applicant than to make the mistake of hiring and then have to go through the process of terminating that employee. Contact CLS Diagnostics to find out more about conducting pre-employment drug screening.

Drug Tests Required for CDL Drivers

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 06, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Drug Tests Required for CDL Drivers

Company fleets and commercial vehicles are valuable assets, as is the reputation of the companies that own them. In order to ensure that they are safely driven, driver applicants and current employees should submit to a series of comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA. It is important to be fully confident in CDL drivers in regards to their reliability and safety. These tests can help the process of alleviating liability and worker's comp claims down the road while also keeping insurance premiums lower.

Prior to employing a driver applicant, they should be required to take a pre-employment drug screeningtest. A negative drug result should be required before employing a driver to operate any commercial vehicle. When fully-employed, drivers should also be randomly tested as a condition of employment. A test for immediate results can be conducted as well on employees and drivers who display concerning behavior or habits. Reasonable suspicion allows employers to perform a drug test of driving impairment is noticed or suspected. In the event of accidents, drug tests can be required post event.

Furthermore, after a positive test result, follow-up tests are recommended for a minimum of 6 tests/year and can be extended out for four years. To learn more about drug testing programs for CDL drivers, contact CLS Diagnostics.