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Comprehensive Drug Tests Can Help Reduce Injury in Factories and Plants

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 16, 2019
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Working in manufacturing and processing is often a physically demanding job which takes focus. In these facilities, heavy equipment is used in an assembly line style setup. There is a high risk of injury in these assembly lines due to the demand for speed and quantity as workers try to meet their daily quotas. Often workers are using hazardous, dangerous, and heavy machinery that can put them and their co-workers at risk if they are under the influence.

Owners and managers should implement comprehensive drug test protocols for line workers. This will help ensure that all employees are mentally and physically sound for the daily risks of this job. A great deal of focus and concentration is required for this kind of work or the possibility of injury or equipment damage is even higher. To keep processing sites as safe and conducive work environemnts drug tests are highly recommended in addition to other types of safety measures.

Making pre-employment drug screenings part of the process can also help filter applicants while ensuring that companies do not hire workers who use drug. Annual drug tests are also recommended to keep illegal drugs and substance abuse out of the workplace as well as to keep liability insurance and worker's comp payments down.

Contact CLS Diagnostics to find out more about the benefits of workplace drug testing programs.

Pre-Employment Drug Tests Are Highly Recommended for Taxi, Truck, and Courier Drivers

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 28, 2018
Pre-Employment Drug Tests Are Highly Recommended
for Taxi, Truck, and Courier Drivers - Franklin, MA

Taxi, truck, and courier drivers have dangerous jobs, especially when they are not focused and possibly tired from long distance driving. To ensure drivers are mentally competent with sharp focus to safely drive large trucks and commercial vehicles, comprehensive drug tests are highly recommended.

A pre-employment drug screening test is a great method to eliminate dangerous driving applicants. Prior to employment, these potential drivers need to have negative drug test results. Even when they have been hired, it is still recommended for business with commercial vehicle operators to randomly drug test drivers. An employee who is showing a sudden change of behavior or who has been in an accident should be tested right away. Any driver with noticeable driving impairment can be subjected to a random drug test.

Don't risk your fleet or your business. Commercial vehicles are expensive assets and being found liable is even more expensive. Your business cannot be found at fault in an accident. You also don't want that important cargo to be lost or damaged. Prevent these unwanted scenarios by submitting your vehicle and heavy equipment operators for a comprehensive drug test.

Contact CLS Diagnostics to find out more about drug testing programs for your business.

Happy Holidays from CLS Diagnostics

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Happy Holidays from CLS Diagnostics

Our warmest Holiday wishes from the entire team here at CLS Diagnostics. Calendar year 2018 was, and continues to be, a truly remarkable year and we take this moment to recognize the joy that each and every one of you has brought to our personal and professional lives. We exist because of your faith and trust in us.

As calendar year 2019 approaches, we reflect upon the foundational recognition that "your success is our success". Our New Year’s wish for 2019 is to nurture our positive and ever strengthening partnership and to deliver ever increasing value to you, your business, and your family through the entirety of 2019.

Throughout this Holiday season may you be blessed with health and surrounded by friends and family. All the best! Cheers!

Importance of Comprehensive Drug Testing in Factories and Manufacturing Plants

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, November 29, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

The manufacturing industry is making a comeback. The employees in these industries often take a huge risk by working long hours, with large machines and equipment, often in challenging environments. Each employee relies on the others to operate their machinery with care and focus, both for productivity and safety. Unfortunately, occupational injuries are more common in these types of facilities due to the numerous risks in the workplace such the hazardous machinery, harmful chemicals, and slips/falls. Because of these inherent risks in production facilities, many employers choose to invest in comprehensive drug testing to ensure a safe environment for employees.

As a matter of fact, studies show an improvement in worker productivity after implementation of drug testing programs in many manufacturing companies. Other observations include reduction in the absenteeism rate, declining number of worker incident compensation claims, and decrease in employee turnover rates. Pre-employment drug screenings are recommended to limit the risks by ensuring that only those who are mentally competent and substance free are hired.

Companies should be strict during hiring and annual drug testing practices and testing is highly recommended to prevent accidents and injuries in factories and manufacturing plants. For more information on a reliable drug testing program, contact CLS Diagnostics.

Comprehensive Drug Testing for Firefighters, Both Professional and Volunteer

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, November 15, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Being a firefighter is a hazardous yet noble job. These people put their lives into risky situations to save another. It is one of the most dangerous jobs in America and their critical tasks obligate them to stay alert and focused on-duty. But what happens when a firefighter gets involved in illegal drugs?

The capacity to stay focus and to think fast is vital in this job. Dealing with fire hazards is dangerous and life-threatening and thus, it demands full mental alertness and concentration. But when a firefighter is taking drugs it can impair their mental stability, reflexes, and decision-making skills. Comprehensive drug testing can help prevent this. Regular testing ensures that firefighters can act and think quickly in the face of danger, not only to prevent casualties but also to protect themselves and their teammates.

Firefighters are heroes. In order to save a life in the midst of fire, one must know how to respond and act. The only way to do this is to properly assess the situation and quickly create an action. But when one is mentally unstable and can't think properly, lives are in danger.

When hiring firemen, professional and volunteers, pre-employment drug screening is highly recommended. Contact CLS Diagnostics for more information.

Comprehensive Drug Testing For Electrical Linemen and Power Line Technicians

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 25, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Power line technicians and others dealing with electricity line installation and repairs have challenging and often dangerous jobs that can also endanger those around them. They work on high voltage electrical lines at great heights on a daily basis. If they lose focus, they can be susceptible to falls, electrocution, and other related injuries.

In relation to this, comprehensive drug testing is highly recommended for employees in this industry. Linemen and technicians must apply their full focus and prudence while performing inspections, installation, and repairs on poles, transformers, wiring, and other related tasks where high voltage currents are present. This is to protect line employees and those working with them.

All kinds of injuries can take place in this risky job. Accidents are commonly attributed to human error. Thus, its imperative to make sure worker performance is not impaired by illegal drugs. Pre-employment screening and annual employee drug testing as a requirement to employment can play a major role in ensuring the safety of everyone in this field.

Contact CLS Diagnostics to find out more about drug testing for electrical linemen and power line technicians.

Comprehensive Drug Testing is Highly Recommended for Businesses with Hazardous or Dangerous Job Sites

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 11, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Highly hazardous workplaces such as manufacturing lines, construction sites, and chemical laboratories require the full focus and mental alertness of all employees. Incidents in these environments can be costly and catastrophic, liability insurance is high. Additionally, accidents in these types of work environments are often due to human error. For these reasons, employers should hold employees responsible for comprehensive drug testing as a requirement of the job.

A healthy and safe working environment means fewer incidents and theft as well as lower insurance costs. Drug testing helps employers accurately determine if workers are using drugs on the job. It also helps keep liability insurance costs lower. From this perspective, employers with hazardous or dangerous workplaces should implement a regular employee drug testing program. This will inevitably provide a safer work environment.

Occupational safety and health must be the top priority of any business. Drug testing in Franklin, MA can help companies in their quest for a safer working environment. Contact CLS Diagnostics to find out more about the benefits of regular and comprehensive drug testing programs.

Comprehensive Drug Testing For Aviation Employees

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 27, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Flying requires more than knowledge and skills. It also demands that pilots are mentally alert and focused at all times. This is a risky job and the life of both passengers and crew are highly dependent on the pilot's capacity and ability to react. Therefore, comprehensive drug testing is vital across the entire aviation industry.

US civil aviation strictly prohibits aviation teams, including aircraft crew, air traffic controller and aviation maintenance engineers to be under the influence of drugs and alcoholic substances while on duty. The use of drugs and alcohol at work can impair the performance of the entire crew. Thus, it is highly recommended that commercial and private airline operators implement a drug testing policy for all employees. This is vital to ensure that aviation professionals can perform their duties safely, especially during critical situations.

Pre-employment screening should also be performed in the screening process as a requirement to employment as pilot and crew. It is important to determine beforehand the candidate will have the capacity to carry out their job, particularly when issues arise during flight. To find out more about drug testing in the aviation industry, contact CLS Diagnostics.

Importance of Drug Testing Programs in the Construction Industry

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 13, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Safety on the job site is the primary concern in the construction industry. In order to keep the job site safe, worker performance and behavior must constantly be monitored. Workers who use drugs on the job are putting themselves and the other workers at risk. Construction firm owners should regularly conduct comprehensive drug testing to mitigate accidents at construction sites.

Human error is often the cause of job site accidents. This is often due to negligence or distracted behavior of workers. When an employee is under the influence of illegal substances, they are mentally unstable and are more likely to lose focus and care in execution of tasks. The possibility of human error increases.Drug testing programs in Franklin, MA can help identify workers who are using drugs on-the-job. When identified, these workers may immediately be removed from work. This increases productivity, morale and safety.

Drug tests are now being performed in more diverse industries, especially at hazardous job sites. When construction accidents happen, operations are delayed and liability can ensue. Extraneous costs and financial setbacks can all be avoided by drug testing at work. Contact CLS Diagnostics for reliable and accurate drug testing.

Comprehensive Drug Testing for Manufacturing Line Workers

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 22, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Working on manufacturing lines can be risky business, workers need to stay focused, clear-headed, and they often need to be able to react coolly under pressure. Serious occupational injuries can often occur when working with heavy machinery, power equipment, chemicals and other dangerous machines in operation. One way to decrease both incidents and liability is by conducting comprehensive drug tests on employees who work in industrial settings.

Pre-employment drug screening helps employers screen new applicants and reduce the chances of hiring those that use illegal drugs. With current employees, drug testing programs can help reduce the use of drugs on-the-job. Additionally, having these policies in-place can help reduce the risk of liability and reduce insurance costs. When employers take these measures they improve the safety of the work environment, reduce worker's incident claims, and improve productivity and quality output.

Drug testing programs can help eliminate drug and alcohol related accidents. For more information on drug testing, contact CLS Diagnostics to help you implement drug testing program to your industry.