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Comprehensive Drug Testing Programs are Vital for the Safety of the Workforce and Workplace

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 23, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Alcohol and drug abuse can create safety and health hazards and can result in decrease in productivity and poor employee morale. Drug testing is one way to determine if employees or job applicants are using illegal drugs. Drug testing programs work best when implemented based on a clear, written policy that is shared with all employees, along with proper education on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to provide help to employees who may have problems with drug and alcohol.

Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA are conducted to prevent hiring individuals who use prohibited drugs. Drug tests allow employers to identify early employees who have drug and alcohol problems. Most employers conduct drug testing for pre-employment purposes as well as for post-accident return-to-work. Commonly, tests are done through urinalysis in which a professional toxicologist will take a urine sample from an employee or applicant. Once a sample is provided, it is sent to a certified laboratory for screening and analysis.

It is a well-known fact that drug and alcohol abuse and misuse can affect employee health and productivity and may impact safety in the workplace. That is why comprehensive drug tests should be implemented and done regularly. By educating the employees about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and encouraging individuals with drug related problems to seek help, employers can protect their businesses from such dangers. Moreover, employers will be able to retain valuable employees and will help play a part in making communities safer and healthier.

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Comprehensive Drug Tests are Beneficial to Both Employers and Employees

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 09, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

It is a well-known fact that drug abuse and misuse can create problems in the workplace. A drug testing program is a powerful prevention tool that provides a wide-range of organizational benefits. The implementation of a drug testing program has proven to have a great impact on both employers and employees. In addition to promoting a safer and more productive workplace, these programs can help minimize employee turnover and absenteeism, reduce employer risk, and lessen worker’s compensation incidence rates.

An effective drug testing program in Franklin, MA is conducted by a professional toxicologist and should be done on a regular basis to address any employee issues associated with drugs in the workplace. The tests must be administered correctly with the proper protocols in place to ensure that all drug testing results are accurate and true. These tests have become a contributing factor in creating a conducive and safe workplace for employees. They also help improve the productivity of the company by ensuring that the employees are effective and responsive in their respective tasks.

Comprehensive drug tests are applicable today and should be done regularly as part of the hiring process. Employers have the right to conduct drug testing programs to maintain a safe work environment, however employees should also be properly educated on how the drug testing policy is conducted and administered. It is important that the comprehensive drug testing policy created can provide protection for both employees and the business. For this reason, this can be beneficial to both employers and employees.

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