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Accurate Pre-Employment Dug Screening Results

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 20, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Pre-employment Drug Screening is one of the means of filtering out potential employees and to determine if they are mentally fit for the job. New applicants must pass the pre-employment requirements for the company. Thus, accurate results in drug testing are imperative in the pre-employment screening process.

In order to ascertain the accuracy of a drug test program, companies must hire a professional and reputable toxicologist to conduct the testing. For accurate testing and results it is imperative that applicants have the proper guidance in filling out the test form to properly list all recent medications which can yield an erroneous test outcome. Additionally to further eliminate the potential for a false negative, the potential employee must be properly interviewed by a medical drug specialist. A second round of drug screening may also be performed at a later date, as well.

Comprehensive Drug Tests during the hiring process helps companies avoid employing those that are using illegal drugs. It is easier and more cost effective to pass on a potential applicant than to make the mistake of hiring and then have to go through the process of terminating that employee. Contact CLS Diagnostics to find out more about conducting pre-employment drug screening.

Drug Tests Required for CDL Drivers

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 06, 2018
CLS Diagnostics Drug Tests Required for CDL Drivers

Company fleets and commercial vehicles are valuable assets, as is the reputation of the companies that own them. In order to ensure that they are safely driven, driver applicants and current employees should submit to a series of comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA. It is important to be fully confident in CDL drivers in regards to their reliability and safety. These tests can help the process of alleviating liability and worker's comp claims down the road while also keeping insurance premiums lower.

Prior to employing a driver applicant, they should be required to take a pre-employment drug screeningtest. A negative drug result should be required before employing a driver to operate any commercial vehicle. When fully-employed, drivers should also be randomly tested as a condition of employment. A test for immediate results can be conducted as well on employees and drivers who display concerning behavior or habits. Reasonable suspicion allows employers to perform a drug test of driving impairment is noticed or suspected. In the event of accidents, drug tests can be required post event.

Furthermore, after a positive test result, follow-up tests are recommended for a minimum of 6 tests/year and can be extended out for four years. To learn more about drug testing programs for CDL drivers, contact CLS Diagnostics.