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CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

Flying requires more than knowledge and skills. It also demands that pilots are mentally alert and focused at all times. This is a risky job and the life of both passengers and crew are highly dependent on the pilot's capacity and ability to react. Therefore, comprehensive drug testing is vital across the entire aviation industry.

US civil aviation strictly prohibits aviation teams, including aircraft crew, air traffic controller and aviation maintenance engineers to be under the influence of drugs and alcoholic substances while on duty. The use of drugs and alcohol at work can impair the performance of the entire crew. Thus, it is highly recommended that commercial and private airline operators implement a drug testing policy for all employees. This is vital to ensure that aviation professionals can perform their duties safely, especially during critical situations.

Pre-employment screening should also be performed in the screening process as a requirement to employment as pilot and crew. It is important to determine beforehand the candidate will have the capacity to carry out their job, particularly when issues arise during flight. To find out more about drug testing in the aviation industry, contact CLS Diagnostics.