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CLS Diagnostics Comprehensive drug tests in Franklin, MA

The use of illegal drugs has affected numerous industries and resulted in critical setbacks and liability for many companies. Aside from productivity loss, increasing cases of injuries can lead to increased legal liability. Despite the fact that drug testing is an optional requirement for many businesses, there are several industries that mandates it. This initiative is inline with the compliance to federal regulations, safety concerns, and work ethics. Here are some of the industries that require comprehensive drug testing:

  • Transportation - CDL drivers are drug tested under the Department of Transportation regulations. Especially those in aviation, mass transit, trucking and other related industries.
  • Construction - A construction site is one of the most hazardous workplaces. It make sense to conduct drug testing on employees and contractors in order to avoid on-site accidents due to negligence and distracted behavior while operating dangerous machinery.
  • Sports - This is often mandatory with athletes to establish fairness in competition.

Pre-employment screening and annual drug testing are compulsory for the these industries. It is also highly recommended for companies that deal with hazardous equipment and that handle toxic solutions and substances or heavy machinery such as factories, manufacturing lines, and laboratories. If you manage a business in the above-mentioned industries and would like to estabilish a drug testing program for employees or candidates, contact CLS Diagnostics. We can assist you with your drug testing needs.