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CLS Diagnostics - Comprehensive Drug Tests Can Now Detect Marijuana Use

Cannabis, commonly known as Marijuana, is the most abused substance today. The use and possession is illegal under federal law in many parts of the United States, however, some states have made it legal. However, despite it becoming legal in some states, worker's are still not allowed to use it or be under the influence of marijuana at work. The alarming cases of illegal drug use at work has prompted many companies to establish their own drug testing policies. In fact, more and more companies in Massachusetts are witnessing the untoward effects of this particular substance on the performance of employees at work.

Just recently a screening test became available to trace marijuana in the urine. Positive marijuana users contain quantities of 9-carboxy-THC (the active component) in their urine. This can be detected by the test which includes other cannabinoids. Drug testing programs in Franklin, MA include the detection of this substance through comprehensive drug testing procedures for a moderate cost.

Marijuana and other forms of drugs can put a company at risk. Not only does drug use at work threaten the safety of other employees, it can also affect the productivity of the entire company. Conducting regularcomprehensive drug testing keeps businesses productive and reduces liability and workers comp claims. For information regarding certified toxicologists to properly perform workplace drug testing, contact CLS Diagnostics.