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Pre-Employment Drug Tests Are Highly Recommended
for Taxi, Truck, and Courier Drivers - Franklin, MA

Taxi, truck, and courier drivers have dangerous jobs, especially when they are not focused and possibly tired from long distance driving. To ensure drivers are mentally competent with sharp focus to safely drive large trucks and commercial vehicles, comprehensive drug tests are highly recommended.

A pre-employment drug screening test is a great method to eliminate dangerous driving applicants. Prior to employment, these potential drivers need to have negative drug test results. Even when they have been hired, it is still recommended for business with commercial vehicle operators to randomly drug test drivers. An employee who is showing a sudden change of behavior or who has been in an accident should be tested right away. Any driver with noticeable driving impairment can be subjected to a random drug test.

Don't risk your fleet or your business. Commercial vehicles are expensive assets and being found liable is even more expensive. Your business cannot be found at fault in an accident. You also don't want that important cargo to be lost or damaged. Prevent these unwanted scenarios by submitting your vehicle and heavy equipment operators for a comprehensive drug test.

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