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Lab Tests Specialist

CLS Diagnostics

Laboratory Services located in Franklin, MA

Lab tests are a crucial component of professional health care and CLS Diagnostics in Franklin, Massachusetts, is a physician-led laboratory that prides itself on providing accurate toxicology testing results with fast turnaround times. Find out how CLS Diagnostics can help you improve your practice by calling the lab or booking an appointment online today.

Lab Tests Q & A

What kinds of lab tests are available?

Lab tests provide highly valuable information concerning a range of health conditions, using clinical chemistry to measure the quantities of specified substances present in the subject’s body. Blood and urine are the most frequently tested specimens, although many other bodily tissues and fluids are suitable for testing purposes.

CLS Diagnostics specializes in performing toxicology tests on urine samples submitted by medical professionals to test for levels of both illegal drugs and prescription medications. They often work with clients who require testing services for:

  • Health care settings
  • Dependency and addiction rehabilitation
  • Pain management and medication compliance
  • Evidence for criminal proceedings

The toxicologists at CLS Diagnostics use state-of-the-art equipment for their testing procedures, enabling them to provide the highest standards when it comes to testing.

How are urine samples tested?

Once a sample is received at the lab, the toxicologists perform an enzyme immunoassay screening test for presumptive positives. They then carry out further qualitative and quantitative tests to provide confirmation of the initial test results and add detail to the initial information using Sciex liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS).

There are three test options available at CLS Diagnostics:

  • Standard drugs of abuse test
  • Fentanyl (testing for opioids)
  • Comprehensive drug test (includes prescription drugs)

The CLS Diagnostics toxicology tests can detect hundreds of different prescription medications, including those that may be missed by standard urine tests. The tests also detect illegal drugs and alcohol, and the lab results provide confirmative evidence of use and defensible results if required.

How soon will I have my lab results?

Turnaround times vary between labs depending on the tests required and the procedures involved, so it’s important to check the information given by each laboratory on their website.

CLS Diagnostics aims to turn your sample around within 48 hours of receipt if the immunoassay testing is negative, and between 48-72 hours if the immunoassay is positive. A clearly laid out digital report presents the results of any tests you order, either emailed to you securely or accessible through an online portal.

Find out more about the advantages of using CLS Diagnostics by calling the lab or booking an appointment online today.